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Discover Only the Best Accessories for Your Cute Rodent

Rats and Mice are loving pets who deserve the very best care, which is why you may be interested in our range of toys and accessories. At Pet Shop Direct, we have all the toys needed for your fluffball to develop healthily, both physically and behaviorally. Our selection of mouse and rat toys is ideal for any small pet owner to keep your pet happy and entertained. From pet mouse toys to bedding and treats, our website everything you need, and we always keep the price as low as possible for our loyal customers.

Find the Products Your Companion Requires

Are you looking for premium mouse or rat toys? Then you've come to the right place. At Pet Shop Direct, we have the largest selection of rat toys and accessories in Australia, and our shipping times have transformed us into market leaders. Mice and rats are highly intelligent creatures who require both physical and mental stimulation and challenges throughout the day. This helps to reduce boredom and discourage destructive behaviours, especially in rats. Rats and mice are natural chewers and have teeth that never stop growing. By providing treats and toys such as loofah toys and nibblers, you can ensure good dental health by helping to wear the teeth down. From treat balls to rodent hide-outs, our store has them all, and our employees are eager to help you with any questions you may have.

Purchase Something for Your Other Pets as Well

Pet Shop Direct is the ideal place to shop for your small rodent, but at the same time, we are also the premiere destination for dog and cat supplies. Are you the owner of a new kitten and want to make them part of your family? Then you will be interested in our large range of cat treats. Do you want your bundle of joy to use up all its overflowing energy? Then have a look at our quality cat toys which will help activate their hunter instincts. Or maybe you are looking for must-have cat supplies? In that case, our cat beds and litter will help. At Pet Shop Direct, the needs of our customers are paramount, and our reputation has been built on maintaining the broadest range of products in Australia.

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