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Aquarium Water Conditioners

Promote a Healthy Aquatic Environment

Pets are fantastic animals that can be an ideal addition to any home, but at the same time, they are also fragile creatures that need special care in order to live and develop healthily. Many first-time fish owners make the mistake of adding tap water straight to the aquarium and learn quickly that this is a big mistake. Purchasing a quality water conditioner is mandatory to remove the chlorine from the Australian water supply and to mimic the natural environment. Seachem Prime is a high-quality water conditioner removes chlorine but also detoxifies nitrates and nitrites and converts ammonia into a safe, non-toxic form. A water conditioner can promote the health of your fish and is a must-have accessory for all aquarium set-ups.

Reduce Stress

Aquarium water conditioners also benefit the fish by reducing stress from the delicate phases of water changes. As you change the water in your tank the levels of pH, ammonia and other elements undergo significant changes which can cause your fish to become stressed. Stressed fish are far more susceptible to illness. High quality water conditioners encourage fish growth, replace their natural slime coat and promote healing of damaged tissue. An aquarium water conditioner helps to restore the natural balance of the aquarium in water changes, reducing the chances of your fish from becoming stressed.

Invest in Accessories for Your Other Pets

Like most people, you may be someone who couldn’t just stop at one pet, so you need accessories and food for other types of pets. Maybe you are a parrot owner? Then you would probably be interested in buying accessories like a bird bath or a bird harness. Do you want a way to clean the cage of your cockatiel more efficiently? Then you may be interested in our selection of cage cleaners. Do you always want to be prepared for the unexpected? Then a good idea would be to buy a bird first aid kit. Our stock is diverse, and our offers are unbeatable, so browse our store and discover them for yourself.

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