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Cat Litter Crystals

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Cat litter crystals are one of the most popular types of cat litter used around the world. Cat litter crystals can hold an impressive amount of liquid and neutralize unpleasant odours. They are designed to be super adsorbent, locking away moisture and smells to keep your home odour free. They are more effective than other types of litter, and they can last longer between uses. Crystal litters are also low tracking, which means you won’t have litter footprints scattered around your home. Crystal Pure is a popular brand of cat litter, which is fragrance free and more readily accepted by cats if converting from clay or paper-based litters. Cat litter crystals are made from natural silica sand which means that these litters are pet safe. Crystal Pure bulk cat litter crystals are available in single bags and bulk boxes.

What to Look for In Cat Litter?

First and foremost, it is essential to choose cat litter that your kitty easily tolerates. Cats can be picky when it comes to their litter, and selecting a variety that doesn't use overpowering fragrances can be better. However in some areas where you need extra odour control, you may want to use a fragranced crystal litter such as the Trouble and Trix odour neutralizing litter. We also have ScoopFree litter trays and the refill crystal packs for them if you want something super easy to use.

Pamper Your Cat

Cats are loyal companions who deserve the very best treatment. On our website, you will find an impressive collection of cat treats and toys that will turn your fur ball into a bundle of energy and joy. If you have other pets you may be interested in reptile hide-outs, light fittings selection or a cage for a small animal. Our product range is diverse and ever increasing, so we invite you to visit our website and fin what you need.

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