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Cat Litter Crystals

Cat Litter Crystals

Cat litter crystals are some of the most popular cat litters used around the world these days. This is because cat litter crystals are designed to be super adsorbent so they lock away moisture and smells keeping your home odour free. These types of litters also have the benefit of being low tracking, which means you wont have litter footprints scattered around your home. Having to sweep up tracked litter everytime your cat uses its litter box is not the most enjoyable of tasks especially if your doing it everytime your pet uses its tray. The popularity of silica crystals has grown amongst cat owners due to the longer length of time this type of litter can last. Quality brands like Crystal Pure cat litter crystals are long lasting, even upto a month without changing. Crystal Pure is also fragrance free, which is more readily accepted by cats if converting from clay or paper based litters. Cat litter crystals are made from natural silica sand which means that these litters are pet safe. If you want a litter that holds more smells and controls odours, then its an easy choice. Try a bag today. Crystal Pure bulk cat litter crystals available in box quantities. Fast Delivery Australia Wide.

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