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Take Your Pet with You

At Pet Shop Direct, we offer a wide range of products designed to make travelling with your furry friend easy and convenient. A popular way to travel with your dog is by using a car seat which provides a safe and comfortable spot for your pup while driving. They are not only practical for keeping them out of the way but also protect your pet from injury in the unfortunate case of an accident. Booster seats are ideal for small dogs and puppies allowing them to see out the window which can reduce travel anxiety and prevent car sickness. A pet carrier is perfect for smaller dogs or those who prefer a more enclosed space during travel. We stock carriers in different sizes and materials to suit your requirements. We also have airline approved carriers for when you need to travel domestically or internationally with your pet.

Take Advantage of the Accessories Found on Our Website

In addition to car seats and carriers, we offer a range of pet travel products such as seat belt attachments, calming products, steps and accessories. Pet car seat covers and hammocks protect your car's upholstery from hair, dirt, and bad smells and are designed to withstand your furry friend’s claws. Seat belt clips allow you to control your dog when travelling by attaching their harness to the seat belt.

We also stock a range of treat bags, collapsible bowls and water bottles which allow you to conveniently provide your dog with food and water when travelling. For dogs who struggle to jump into the car, there are steps and ramps available which are ideal for older dogs, puppies and those suffering with joint problems. Many dogs can suffer with anxiety when travelling so products like TravelEze and Adaptil are made to calm your pup and ease their worries.

Make Your Dog the Priority of Your Life

At Pet Shop Direct, we don't just offer dog travel products. Our range contains other high-quality pet products, including puppy training pads, cat scratching posts, and health care items. We also offer bird cages designed with durability and comfort in mind and Nursing and first aid kits which are essential for any pet owner. Our range of products includes everything you need to keep your dog happy and healthy.

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