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Rabbit & Guinea Pig Harness & Leads

Take Your Rabbit Out for a Walk

Rabbits are cute and fluffy animals that can delight little ones and are capable of forming genuine connections with you. Rabbits generally aren't the kind of animal we think of when we say road trip companion. However, with a little training and the right accessories they can be great pets to bring along. Investing in a high-quality rabbit harness and lead allows you to safely travel with your pet. Since rabbits are social and curious creatures, investing in a rabbit harness and lead could benefit your companion's mental health and improve their behaviour. Going for a walk outside gives them exercise and lets them explore the wilderness safely.

A Great Way to Exercise

Rabbits and guinea pigs are active creatures who need at least 4 hours of exercise a day. Purchasing a harness and lead will provide your pet with a different type of physical exercise, allowing them to stretch their legs and use their muscles. Without the proper amount of exercise each day, small pets can become bored, causing them to overeat and become obese. A harness will enable you to bring your fluffball out for a walk, create memories, explore nature, and improve your pet's cardiovascular health. At Pet Shop Direct we have harnesses and leads for dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs and larger rabbits in different colours to suit each pet.

We Have Everything You Require

Pet Shop Direct is the perfect place to browse for rabbit harnesses and other accessories. But these are not the only products we sell. Are you looking for bird feather plucking prevention tools or bands & rings? Then our website can provide you with the products you need. Are you a cat owner and want to buy cat shampoo bottles or travel tools? Then you have come to the right place. Pet Shop Direct is run by friendly, professional staff who are always ready to answer any questions you may have. Our offerings are constantly updated to match market trends, and our reputation is enhanced by the plethora of positive reviews we gathered from satisfied customers.

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