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Hermit Crab Enclosures

Buy a Proper Enclosure for Your Hermit Crab

Your crustaceous friend needs shelter to feel safe, and have enough room to move around. Our collections of hermit crab enclosures can ensure that your pet will feel comfortable around you and be able to mimic the behaviour it displays in nature. The ideal enclosure has a removable lid which will keep in the constant humidity that hermit crabs need. Hermit crabs are social animals and should be kept as a group. At Pet Shop Direct you can find a variety of hermit crab enclosures. Some enclosures come with everything you need to get started so you don’t have to worry about buying everything separately. Our website has an impressive collection of products aimed at hermit crabs, and our staff is constantly working to provide unique accessories for your pets. Are you looking for quality hermit crab enclosures? Then our online shop is the ideal place for your needs.

What Accessories Should I Buy?

Your pal needs a premium hermit crab enclosures to grow correctly, and a variety of accessories to live a healthy life. At Pet Shop Direct, you can shop for the best hermit crab tanks and accessories in Australia, and our products are continually being improved for your convenience. Hermit crabs need a good substrate which they can burrow down into, sand can be ideal. Hermit crabs come from tropical climates meaning they need 70-80 percent humidity. A hygrometer which measures humidity is a useful tool for all hermit crab owners. To create humidity, a sea sponge in your hermit crabs water bowl can be used in a fully enclosed tank. These sponges also provide natural minerals to keep your hermit crab healthy. Our products are carefully selected to meet your needs, and our state-of-the-art shipping network can be used to speed up the time it takes for packages to reach your location.

Buy More and Spend Less

Our website is the perfect location for all pet supply needs, and our irresistible offers can be ideal if you want to buy products in bulk. Are you the owner of a proud and independent cat? Then you'll need cat travel accessories or electric clippers to ensure your kitty's coat is in tip-top shape. Or maybe you need some everyday accessories such as cat shampoo or a cat feeder. Our website is always at your disposal with the best products on the market, and we are always looking for new ways to increase your satisfaction.

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