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Aquarium Plant Care

Make Your Aquarium Look Pretty

The addition of aquarium plants can do wonders for the overall design of your tank. Live plants are typically more attractive than fake plants and can help you achieve a natural looking tank. In addition, water-loving plants come with tangible benefits for your aquatic pals. However, live plants require a little more care in order to look their best. So, you'll probably be interested in the aquarium plant care collections available on Pet Shop Direct. Our site is home to some of the most popular aquarium plant maintenance solutions on the Australian market, and our curated product selection is growing daily. We stock only the best brands, so you can be assured that you are getting the highest quality available.

It’s Healthier for Your Fish

Having plants in your aquarium helps to create a better environment for your fishy friends. Live plants increase the production of healthy bacteria in new tanks, allowing them to complete the cycling process faster. Plants also utilize the nitrates which are generated by the nitrogen cycle, helping to lower the levels in the water. They oxygenate the tank, clarify the water and increase overall water quality. However, plants require some maintenance in order to look and perform their best. The use of plant fertilizers which contain important nutrients can help your plants flourish, especially when their needs are not met. Our range of plant care products can create a visually appealing fish tank and provide a better environment for your fishy friends.

Discover Whatever Product You Need

Fish are incredible animals which can brighten the room and help you relax after a hard day at work. But maybe you're also a reptile owner and need accessories designed specifically for them. Maybe your beautiful bearded dragon hasn't been feeling well lately, and you'd like to buy some medicine for it? Then our reptile medications are just what you need. Or maybe you want to give them a better home with a hide-out, new substrates and UV globes. Pet Shop Direct is the home of all the aquarium plant care and pet supplies you are interested in, and our experts are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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