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Bird Feeders

A Wide Variety of Bird Feeders for All Types of Birds

At Pet Shop Direct, we offer a wide variety of bird feeding solutions including stainless steel coop cups, enclosed no mess solutions, fruit holders, drinking stations, hook-on platforms and more. A bird feeder allows you to provide the necessary nutrition to your pets. Our selection includes bird water stations to ensure your feathered friends have access to a reliable source of fresh water. From small bird bowls to sturdy drinking stations and no mess bird seed feeders, we have a wide range of products to suit your pet’s needs.

Choose The Best Feeders on the Market

When selecting a bird feeder, it is essential to consider your pet and its cage size. For smaller birds, such as canaries and finches, a small bowl or silo feeder is effective. However larger birds require more food and a larger feeder is needed. We stock bowls that lock onto the side of the cage to ensure your bird doesn’t tip it over, which is ideal for larger birds. Are you sick of the mess your bird is making with their seed? Then a no mess feeder is what your need. If you have poultry or want to feed the wild birds, we have larger plastic feeders which are perfect for this.  With our help, you can ensure your pet’s safety and health and provide them with the energy they need to thrive.

Top-quality Bird Food: Nourish and Delight Your Feathered Friends

Once you choose the perfect bird feeder, it’s time to fill it with nutritious food. A balanced diet with pellets, high-quality bird seed blends, fresh fruits and vegetables is essential to keep your feathered friend fit and happy. Our range of premium bird foods is specially formulated for optimum nutrition and flavour, containing a mix of seeds, grains, vitamins & minerals. We provide diverse bird treats, such as dried fruits, nuts, and cuttlefish bones essential for your pet’s nail & beak care. We also offer bird seed in bulk quantities at reduced prices.


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