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Cat Bowls

Your Cat Deserves the Best

Cat bowls crafted from premium materials can provide your cat with a safe space to eat whenever they please. Moreover, they can also be an accessory to limit the portions of kibble or wet food available to your precious friend. Cats tend to overeat; therefore, high-quality cat bowls are a crucial accessory for determining the right amount of food for your kitty. In addition, separate cat food bowls can help with the general hygiene of your home and prevent dry and wet cat food from combining and making a mess that’s hard to clean.

What to Look for?

Cat bowls using premium materials such as stainless steel and ceramic don’t trap bacteria or taint water making them a safer option than plastic for your cat. Cats’ whiskers are sensitive and when they rub against their food bowl, they can experience pain known as whisker fatigue. This can be prevented by using shallow bowls, which are specifically designed for cats. You can find a cat bowl which is aesthetically pleasing to suit your home while being a great option for your cat. You may instead be looking for an automatic feeder or cat fountain. You will find many products at Pet Shop Direct to help keep your cat happy and healthy.

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Why is Pet Shop Direct the premiere destination in Australia for pet supply needs? One word: logistics. Our warehouses are strategically located close to major Australian cities, and our shipping network is specially designed to maximise the efficiency and speed with which you receive your packages. Our product selection is constantly growing. From fish filter media and water test kits to bird worming medications and cleaners, our website is growing daily, as is the quality of service we provide.

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