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Joint Health

Take Care of Your Elder’s Dog Joints

Was your dog a bundle of energy when they were young, but as the years have gone by, they are slower and have sore joints? Then it’s likely that the health of their joints has become affected by wear and tear. Joint Health supplements are one of the most common long-term treatments recommended for dogs. As dogs get older their joints can become painful and inflamed, and they are at risk of developing osteoporosis. Joint supplements help to reduce pain and inflammation, improve movement and functioning and reduce the symptoms of osteoporosis in dogs unable to tolerate the adverse effects. They can be one of the best ways to keep your dog's cartilage well-lubricated even in old age.

Find the Best Brand for Your Needs

There are numerous reasons why your dog may have had a gradual decrease in mobility. Some breeds, like German Shepherds, may develop hip displacement problems as they age and will need high-quality supplements to be active around the age of 10. Other dogs are likely to suffer joint problems after a previous injury. Whatever the reasons, if you are interested in products that improve joint health for dogs, you should look for a reputable brand. Paw Osteocare joint health chews is a good option thanks to how easy they are to swallow, while brands like Vetafarm, Aristopet and Natural Animal Soultions are also reputable brands. Joint health medications contain ingredients that reduce chronic inflammation of connective tissues and can restore the mobility of your loyal companion.

Take Care of Your Pet’s Health

Pet Shop Direct is not only the best place to find joint care products for dogs, but is also the perfect destination for all your pet supply needs. Has your bird been feeling under the weather lately? Then you might be interested in our selection of bird medications. We have what you need, whether it be electric clippers for cats or toiletries and leads for ferrets. Pet Shop Direct is the leading market provider in Australia when it comes to quality pet supplies, and we work hard to maintain the trust of our loyal customers.

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