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Rabbit & Guinea Pig Hides & Houses

Provide a Safe Space for Your Tiny Friend

Guinea pigs and rabbits are prey animals, and this brings along a few peculiarities that every owner should know. Because in the wild, they have a multitude of natural predators, prey animals have the instinct to hide in any unfamiliar circumstance and are most comfortable in the privacy offered by an enclosed space. Purchasing a rabbit house can be instrumental in helping your bunny or guinea pig escape anxiety. But those aren't the only reasons to invest in a small animal house.

Enhance the Look of Purchased Cages

Hides and houses can also heighten the aesthetic of your pet’s cage. Purchasing a small animal wooden house could be perfect for giving a rustic and natural feel to your newly purchased rabbit or guinea pig cages. A hiding spot for your pet could provide extra stimulation to prevent boredom. Moreover, small animal hides can help regulate the internal temperature of your pet, especially in the hot months of the Australian summer. Pet Shop Direct is home to the best small animal accessories on the Australian market, and if you are looking for a rabbit hut, then we are the right place for your needs.

Discover the Variety of Accessories We Offer

Have you found the best small animal hut for your rabbit or guinea pig? Then you probably want to buy accessories for the rest of your pets. Our website is home to thousands of products and accessories for diverse species of animals, and our products are always updated to meet market requirements. Are you looking to buy bird huts & houses or a couple of bird diapers? Then you've come to the right place. Are you the owner of a ferret? Then it would be best to let our experts find the best vitamins & minerals for your feisty friend. Is your dog constantly suffering from mosquito attacks? Then you might be interested in our solutions against flies and mosquito bites. Any product you seek can be found on our website at unbeatable prices and in high stock.

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