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Cat Shampoo

A Shiny Coat is Synonymous with a Healthy Animal

While most cats, especially short haired cats are excellent self-groomers, there are occasions where they may need a little help. Long haired cats are more prone to tangles, matting and shedding. Washing their coat with a quality shampoo can help to restore shine, detangle and rinse away the dead hair. On the other hand, cats who are unwell may require more attention due to being unable to clean themselves. And that’s where high-quality cat shampoos come in. Shampoos are practical, easy to apply, available in various fragrances, and always in stock on our website.

Help Your Kitty Relax

There are many shampoo options to suit your cats’ individual needs. Cats fear water, and a scared cat can be aggressive. In this case, a dry shampoo may be the best option. These can be applied directly on dry fur and are as effective as traditional shampoos. Is your cat suffering from dermatitis, allergies or dry skin? Then you will want to look at getting a hypoallergenic shampoo with ingredients like oatmeal to soothe the skin. If you want to give your smelly cat a bath, then Nootie shampoos will leave them smelling divine. Cat conditioners can help to condition, soothe and deodourize the fur.

Thousands of Products, All at Your Disposal

Did you find the perfect cat shampoo and conditioner? Then you might be interested in the rest of our products. Are you looking at accessories for your reptile? If so, we invite you to check out our substrate, heat globes and lighting features. Or maybe you have recently rescued a turtle and need premium food for it? Then log on to our website and visit our turtle products section. From dogs and cats to snakes and ferrets, any animal's needs can be met by our impressive and constantly updated range of products.

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