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Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

Let Your Rabbit Experience the High Life

Rabbits and guinea pigs are ideal pets for many people. They are great family pets and quickly become very social and tame. However, a lot of the time when people buy a new rabbit or guinea pig, they have no idea how to care for them properly. It is important to ensure they have everything they need to live a happy and healthy life. Flick through the pages of our rabbit and guinea pig shop and learn the proper ways of caring for your small pet. On Pet Shop Direct, you will find everything you need and want for your new fluffy friends. We have a large selection of varied products including hay, pellets, toys, treats and many more. Are you interested in premium guinea pig supplies or high-quality rabbit accessories? Then our website is the right place for your needs.

Why Should You Use Our Services?

When it comes to pet supplies, the Australian market offers you many options. So why should you turn to the selection provided by Pet Shop Direct? For one, we are the perfect rabbit supply store for your needs. Our products are carefully selected to meet the requirements of your fluffy friend, and our prices are competitive to suit every Australian's pocket. Are you looking for the newest small animal accessories on the market? Maybe a new cage for your cute little friend or a harness and lead to take them for walks? Pet Shop Direct is the best rabbit pet shop on the Australian market. From hamster wheels to bedding, our products are constantly renewed and checked, and our offers are unbeatable, making us the perfect guinea pig pet shop for your requirements.

Dare to Look for More

Pet Shop Direct is the best place to shop for rabbit and guinea pig accessories on the Australian market. But our selections don't stop there, and we're home to almost any type of pet supply your companion requires. Are you a dog owner? Then perhaps our selection of dog coats & vests would interest you, or our dog waste products. Do you prefer felines? Then our cat scratching posts or cat care products may be just what you need. Our website has thousands of products in stock, and our inventory is constantly growing to satisfy your needs.



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