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Reptile Heat Globes

Keep Your Reptile Warm

Reptiles are ectothermic animals, meaning they can't regulate their internal temperature as mammals do. To have an optimal blood temperature, reptiles need a constant source of heat, which is why you can often see them in the wild, basking in the sun, even if this makes them a prime target for predators. A consistent body temperature can substantially affect reptiles' metabolism and energy consumption and prevent illnesses that can shorten their life span. The reptile heat globes on our website could be ideal for providing a permanent source of warmth to your companion, and our prices are suitable to your budget.

Search Only for the Best

Are you looking for high-quality reptile heat globes? Then you are in the right place. At Pet Shop Direct you will find heat lamps and emitters from reputable brands such as Arcadia, Reptile One and Exo Terra. These heat globes provide the optimal heating conditions for your reptiles. A reflector can be used to insulate and reflect as much heat as possible and is a great way to ensure safety. A premium reptile heating lamp could influence the behaviour of your scaly friends, keep their energy levels high, and be a tool to keep your pet reptiles comfortable and safe.

What About Something Else?

Did you find the ceramic heat emitter for reptiles that interest you? Then you are probably curious to discover the other selection of products we have in stock. Are you the owner of hermit crabs? Then you will want to look at our collections of enclosures, accessories and ornaments for them. Do you want to discover only the best hermit crab food & conditioners in the southern hemisphere? Then our website is at your disposal with an impressive selection of products. Our stock is always full, and the expertise of our employees, means they will be able to answer your tricky questions.

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