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Flea Treatment for Dogs

Flea Treatment For Dogs

There is an ever increasing range of flea treatment for dogs these days, with new products becoming available every year. Choosing the right prevention product for your pet can become confusing. There are many products treating all types of dog parasites, such as fleas, ticks, mites, lice, flies, mange, worms and so on. It is best to choose a reputable well known brand such as Frontline, Comfortis, Advantage, Revolution, Nexgard, Advantix or Bravecto. These products are administered monthly or every three months with Bravecto, which will not only prevent but kill any parasites your dog has at the time of application. It is also a good idea to treat the environment if your dog has fleas, as your dog can bring flea eggs into the home. Products like Fidos Fleatrol Plus, Fidos Flea Bombs, Coopex and Indorex can all be used to treat the environment, preventing infestations of the home. Check out our entire range of Flea Treatment for Dogs below.


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