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Flea Treatment for Dogs

Your Dog Deserves to be Healthy

Being a responsible pet owner means keeping your furry friend safe from all types of parasites. Fleas are one of your dogs main enemies and are inevitable if they are playing outside or around other dogs. Flea treatments offer optimal protection, prevent expensive vet bills and protect your dog from harm. At Pet Shop Direct, we stock a range of Flea treatments which can be used monthly or every three months depending on the treatment you choose.

Prevent Unwanted Aspects of Pet Ownership

Fleas can lead to irritation, itching and discomfort for your pet and in more serious cases can result in allergy dermatitis which shows as skin lesions or infections. Flea treatments will not only prevent parasites but will kill any on your dog at the time of application. It is important that you treat the environment if your dog has fleas as they can lay eggs in dog beds, kennels and carpets. Products like Coopex Residual Insecticide, Inca Malaban Wash and Sundew Flea Control can all be used to treat the environment and prevent infestations of the home. Check out our entire range of Flea Treatment for Dogs below.

Use Only the Best Treatments on the Market

There is an ever-increasing range of flea treatment for dogs, with new products becoming available every year. So, choosing the right product for your pet can become confusing. Our staff at Pet Shop Direct are always happy to discuss the options and find the best fit for you and your pet. It is best to choose a reputable, well-known brand such as Frontline, Advantage, Revolution, Nexgard, Advantix or Bravecto. These will keep your pet happy, healthy and full of life! Whether you are looking for a specific flea treatment or one that will treat everything, we have what your need and more! Our collections of flea treatments for dogs, dog worming, dog kennels, and dog dental products are perfect to ensure your dog’s wellbeing and enjoyment.


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