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Roudybush Pellets


Roudybush is available in various formulas and sizes to accommodate your bird’s dietary needs. Here at Petshop Direct, we stock Maintenance pellets, California Blend, Lory Nectar and Hand Rearing. Each formula has been designed by avian Nutritionist Tom Roudybush who dedicates his work to the nutritional needs of pet birds. Roudybush is made in Australia.

Maintenance Pellet: Completely balanced for birds that are not laying or feeding chicks. No supplements are necessary however, fresh fruit, vegetables & treats may be given alongside this diet. Ideal to use when switching a bird over to Roudybush. No added sugars or colours.

California Blend: Quality Maintenance pellets with the addition of dried carrots, dried bell peppers, dried cabbage, dried peaches, dried apricots, dried plums and dried tomatoes.

Lory Nectar: Can be fed as a dry or wet mix. Wet food should be cleaned out and replaced twice a day or every four hours in warmer weather. Complete diet, however fruits, vegetables and treats may also be fed. Ensure fresh, clean water is available.

Hand rearing: Premium handfeeding formula, suitable for all grain & seed eating birds & parrots from one day old until weaning. Can also be used to handfeed squabs aged between 7-14 days old. Completely balanced formula. No supplements necessary.



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