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Aristopet ReptiWormer Reptile Wormer 50mL| Enlarge

Aristopet ReptiWormer Reptile Wormer 50mL


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Aristopet ReptiWormer Reptile Wormer 50mL

Product Description

Aristopet Reptile Wormer is specifically formulated to safely control parasites such as Nematodes (Roundworms, Hookworms, Pinworms and Lungworms), Trematodes (Flukes), and Cestodes (Tapeworms) in reptiles. Aristopet Reptile Wormer can be added in the correct dosage to the reptiles food, either live or processed. In snakes, it can alsob be given by use of administration tube down the snake's throat. Use at the rate of 0.4mL (8 drops) per ky og bodyweight. After the initial dose the treatment can be safely repeated in 2 weeks.


Active Constituents:

5g/L Praiquantel
50g/L Fenbendazole

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