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Aussie Made Heavy Duty Cat Scratching Post CP1


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Aussie Made Heavy Duty Cat Scratching Post CP1

Product Description

Aussie Made Heavy Duty Cat Scratching Post CP4 is an Australian Made, heavy duty cat scratch post made for cats who love to stretch and scratch. This Cat Scratching Post is made with high quality plush carpet to satisfy scratching behaviour in cats and kittens, allowing them to stretch, file their nails and play. The scratcher post is made from super thick, strong tubing making it extremely durable, and far more heavy duty than other scratching posts.

Each scratching post is carefully handmade with local materials - high quality plush carpet and extra thick, heavy duty tubing.

Scratching and stretching are natural behaviours essential to your cat's well-being. By providing your kitty with a scratching post at an early age, you can prevent them from scratching your furniture. If your cat doesn't seem too interested in scratching the post at first, you can sprinkle/ spray catnip around the base. 

No assembly required - Comes fully set up ready to go so you dont need to worry about putting it together.

Colour: Assorted


Overall measures 43cm L x 43cm W x 86cm H.

Pole height: 80cm H.

Top Measurements: 21cm L x 21cm W

Weight: 5.6kg

Note: Due to these being handmade, some scratch posts may have slightly different dimensions.


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