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Bayer Racumin Paste 500g (50 x 10g Bait Sachets)| Enlarge

Bayer Racumin Paste 500g (50 x 10g Bait Sachets)


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Bayer Racumin Paste 500g 

Product Description

Racumin Paste contains the active ingredient coumatetralyl from Bayer at a concentration of 0.037%, just like other Racumin formulations. So what makes Racumin Paste different ? Vegetable fats and carbohydrates are combined in Racumin Paste in a way that is exceptionally attractive to rats and mice. This results in extremely high acceptance of Paste giving excellent results.

Racumin Paste works by preventing blood coagulation, causing death between 3 to 8 days after the intake of a lethal dose, due to internal bleeding. 

Is it a single dose or multiple dose? Many rats and mice take in the lethal dose during the first day of feeding which makes Racumin Paste highly effective. The well known environmental benefits of first generation anticoagulants are maintained; the “single dose"lethal effect is primarily achieved by palatability and not by high toxicity.

Restraints - Do NOT place baits in open unless in bait stations.
Do NOT place baits in any position accessible to children, livestock, or domestic pets. Do NOT remove bait from the paper sachet.

Pack size: 500g (50 x 10g bait sachets)


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