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Blue Planet Complete Freshwater pH Test Kit


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Blue Planet Complete Freshwater pH Test Kit

Blue Planet Complete Freshwater pH Test Kit (includes powder to adjust pH values with)

INCLUDES: ph Tester + 100g pH Up Powder + 100g pH Down Powder 

pH is an important part of every aquarium as it plays a role in fish health colours and potential breeding. This kit allows you to know where your aquarium is now, and then by using the pH Up and Down powders (sold separately) you can adjust to the desired pH level. 

Fish do come from different areas, with many enjoying various pH levels. To allow a mix of many fish types it is recommended a more neutral pH which shows as a green colour on your colour chart.

To avoid unduly stressing fish all pH changes should be made gradually - small changes (less than 0.5 units) over a few days. Large changes over a week.

Suits Tropical & Goldfish, Freshwater Aquariums and Ponds. 
This kit will conduct over 300 tests.


pH Tester: pH Indicator Solution

pH UP: Active Ingredient: 1000g/Kg Sodium Bicarbonate

pH DOWN: Active Ingredient: 1000g/Kg Sodium Phosphate Monobasic

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