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Blue Planet Marine Anti Protozoal 125mL


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Blue Planet Marine Anti-Protozoal 125mL

For the treatment of Parasitic Diseases (Cryptocaryon irritans) in Marine Aquarium Fish.

Blue Planet Marine Anti-Protozoal is effective in the treatment of parasitic diseases (Cryptocaryon irrtans) in marine aquarium fish and may be used where marine invertebrates are presents.

Use at the rate of 8 drops (0.43mL) per 10 litres or Use at the rate of 3mL (56 drops_ per 70 litres each day for four days. A major water change is recommended approximately 14 days after the treatment was intiated.

Follow instructions on the bottle carefully. Corals and anemones may withdraw during treatment. If they remain withdrawn dosage rates may be too high.

Each mL Contains:

10mg of Quinine Hydrochloride
1.27mg of Malachite Green

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