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Callington Top of Descent Mite Spray 100g| Enlarge

Callington Top of Descent Reptile Mite Spray 100g


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Callington Top of Descent Reptile Mite Spray 100g

Product Description

Top of Descent Reptile Mite Spray is a highly effective mite eradicator for reptile enclosures. Not to be sprayed directly onto animals. Not for use with frogs, geckos, insects or marine life. 

To use:

Take all food/water bowls out before spraying the enclosure. Reptiles can be left in the enclosure if it has good ventilation. Spray thoroughly for 4-5 seconds and spray longer for larger enclosures. Spray the enclosure surrounding area as well. The reptile can be returned to the enclosure immediately after spraying if taken out. Clean out the enclosure and destroy any substrate after spray and old furnishings. Do NOT rinse the enclosure and the reptile after spray. Repeat the above procedure seven days later.


Top of Descent complies with the World Health Organisation specifications for insecticides. Top of Descent is approved by the National Registration Authority, Australian Quarantine & Inspection Services and the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries. The propellants have been tested and approved by the PAFT Committee. 


Technical Information sheet:

Active Constituents:

20g/kg D-phenothrin 20:80
Propellant: Hydro Fluorocarbon

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