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Chicken Fake Dummy Eggs 2 Pack


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Chicken Fake Dummy Eggs 2 Pack

Chicken Fake Dummy Eggs 2 Pack are white and brown, plastic dummy eggs specifically made for chickens.

These false eggs are made out of Non-Toxic Plastic.

Approx 54mm Long x 40mm Wide 

Come in two colours, dispatched at random. White & brown chicken egg colours.

Fake, dummy bird eggs are used for:

Encourage birds to start laying eggs. 
Place fake eggs in an empty nest to help birds come into breeding condition.

Stop birds laying too many eggs. 
Replace unwanted real eggs with fake eggs to stop birds continually laying eggs and using up their calcium reserves.

Clutch Size (How many eggs in the nest) and Incubation Periods (How many days to leave eggs in nest) are different for each bird. Below are the recommended amounts for Chickens:

Average Clutch Size    Average Incubation Period (Days)
1-12    21

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