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Extra Large Parrot Cage PC1013



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Extra Large Parrot Cage PC1013

This Extra Large Parrot Cage is made from high quality powder coated tubular steel & is a beautiful diamond shape. Cage has plenty of space at 1.41m wide & 1.84m high. This makes this cage perfect for larger species of parrots that need that extra room to spread their wings like macaws. The hammertone White/Grey colour also contrasts a birds colourful plummage and makes their colours stand out even more. Swivel door lock with added safety latch which requires both door lock and latch to be operated for front door to open. Feeder cups all have locking knob which prevents birds pulling out dishes and spilling food. This is a great large parrot cage suitable for all the larger sized parrots.

Great for Cockatoos, Macaws, African Greys, Amazons, Eclectus, Galahs, Corellas and other similar sized Large Parrots.

Cage Dimensions

Overall height: 184CM

Overall width including seedguard: 

Overall depth including seedguard: 

Cage height: 184cm

Cage width: 141CM

Cage depth: 113CM

Wire Gauge: 4mm

Bar spacing: 20mm (space between bars)

Colour: Hammertone White/Grey

This bird cage comes in a flat pack, assembly is required. Comes in three boxes.

Box 1: 182cm x 108cm x 10cm x 35kg

Box 2: 182cm x 68cm x 10cm x 26kg

Box 3: 105cm x 65cm x 12cm x 20kg

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