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Featherland Paradise Creative Foraging Vertical Feeder Large


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Featherland Paradise Creative Foraging Vertical Feeder Large

Product Description

Featherland Paradise Creative Foraging Systems Vertical Feeder Large is a food and treat dispenser constructed from high impact polycarbonate.

  • Avian veterinarians agree that foraging for food is a healthy, stimulating activity which should be encouraged by parrot owners as it will improve the physical and mental well being of their pet This starter kit is an easy to use, economical means to help you reach your goal of having your bird “work” or “expend some effort” to acquire their food on a daily basis Parrots must chew thru each compartment to continue to reveal and gather more food
  • As your bird becomes a more proficient forager, add multiple units to the environment
  • Increase the difficulty by positioning units in locations which are more difficult to access

Uses Refill Boxes: Creative Foraging Large Foraging Feeder Refill Boxes 15 Pack


8cm x 4cm x 15.5cm.

Model: CFS 665


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