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Featherland Paradise Snack Rack


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Featherland Paradise Snack Rack

Featherland Paradise Snack Rack is a food finding puzzle toy that will provide your pet hours of foraging fun and reward him for his investment of time and effort. Challenge your parrot to raise and lower the rings to access the food reward. Fill upper section with fruit, nuts, veggies or your bird’s favorite treat. The Snack Rack is an ideal foraging device for intermediate foragers and birds with some foraging experience. This toy allows you to increase the level of difficulty as your parrot’s skills improve. Incorporate the Snack Rack with destructible foraging boxes and/or the foraging carousel in your bird’s environment and watch instinct take over!

  • Rotate and slide both rings up to cover the treats.
  • Turn the rings to lock the top section in place.

Made from tough, durable polymer to resist being damaged by a parrot beak, it will last and last. Includes nickel-plated chain and quick link.

Size 108mm x 108mm x 152mm plus chain

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