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Featherland Stainless Steel Parrot Cage Medium 21-30| Enlarge

Featherland Stainless Steel Parrot Cage Medium 21-30



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Featherland Stainless Steel Parrot Cage Medium 21-30

Product Description

MEDIUM - Good for Green Cheek Conure, Alexandrine Sized Parrots ect

21"(53cm)Deep X 30"(76cm)Long X 64"(162.5cm)High, 3mm Wire & 5/8" (16mm) bar spacing

*Made From 304 grade stainless steel, medical grade stainless steel

*Bird Safe, no flaking paint or powdercoat that can harm your birds

*Easy to clean, you cant beat stainless steel for ease of cleaning.

These cages have been specifically designed to provide a safe and spacious habitat for your birds. They have enough space for exercise and play, an area where food and water will be available and enjoyed, and an area for both rest and sleep.


3 x Perches

3 x Ceramic cage bowls (12.5cm W x 9cm H) 

NOTE: Toys and bird displayed with the stainless steel cage in the photo are not included with the product.


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