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Guinea Pig C & C Cage Set with Corflute Base 2x6 Green| Enlarge

Guinea Pig C & C Cage Set with Corflute Base 2x6 Green


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Guinea Pig C & C Cage Set with Corflute Base 2x6 Green

Product Description

Guinea Pig C & C Cage Set with Green Corflute and Black Grids. 

2 x 6 gives your Guinea Pig a long lasting, spacious enclosure that will not deteriorate like a wooden hutch. It allows easy access to your Guinea Pigs and can be kept inside the home with your family. 

Contains 2 grids by 6 grids resulting in an internal living area of 70cmW x 220cmL. When assembled the outer size will measure 77cmW x 225cmL x 40cmH. 2 x 6 can easily be expanded with more grids. 

Recommended for 1-2 Guinea Pigs and other small animals (It is recommended to house your Guinea Pigs in pairs as they get lonely). 

Assembly required. No tools required. 


  • 16 Grids & 32 connectors (the grids are used for the walls)
  • Water Proof Corflute Insert/Base
  • Black Cable Ties


  1. Take all three boxes out of the black wrapping and take all items outside of their boxes.
  2. Unfold the corflute base to form the rectangular base. You may want to use tape to keep the sides in place. 
  3. Click the grids into a connector top and bottom.
  4. Use the cable ties to section the top and bottom. Cut excess cable tie. 
  5. Add bowls, food, hide houses, toys and your Guinea Pigs to their new enclosure. 

Note on 2 x 6 Corflute: Due to the large size of this corflute, the short wall sides are a few centimetres shorter than the longer walls. This is due to the physical limitations of production and cannot be changed. For this reason you cannot have a single piece of corflute longer than 2 x 6.


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