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Heartgard Dogs Up to 11kg Small Dogs 6 Pack| Enlarge

Heartgard Dogs Up to 11kg Small Dogs 6 Pack


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Heartgard Dogs Up to 11kg Small Dogs 6 Pack

Heartgard Plus chewables is a monthly beef flavoured chew used for the prevention of heartworm disease and for the treatment and control of roundworms and hookworms in dogs. Heartgard Plus prevents heartworm disease in dogs by eliminating heart worm larvae (Dirofilaria immitis) that infected the dog in the 30 days before treatment and also controls heartworm infections acquired in the previous 4 months provided monthly treatment is continued for at least 12 months. Heartworm is spread by infected mosquitoes and is very serious and can cause death. Treatment is very complex and expensive, therefore prevention is preferable to the cure.

Heartgard can be used in puppies from 6 weeks of age.

Directions for Use

Heartgard (Ivermectin) is given once a month year round for the prevention of heartworm disease. 

Real beef chewable for dogs. Made with Australian beef.

Active Ingredients

Ivermectin, Pyrantel (as embonate salt).

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