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K & H Bird Thermo Perch Large


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K & H Bird Thermo Perch Large

  • Counters the effects of cold drafts & air conditioning that can harm exotic birds
  • Controlled thermostatically to help maintain ideal body temperature
  • Constructed tough plastic which is non-toxic & bite/scratch resistant
  • Heats perch with harmless, 12 volt electricity
  • Provides stable environment for birds with its consistent, safe source of warmth
  • Lowers avian stress
  • Simple attachment to wire cages
  • Unique shape reduces pressure sores and foot cramping
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K & H Bird Thermo Perch Large

Product Description

K & H Bird Thermo Perch large is designed to keep your pet bird warm on those cold winters nights.

Even indoors, drafty rooms or air conditioning can adversely affect your exotic bird's health. Protect your bird and keep him or her warm with the K&H Thermo Perch heated bird perch. It mounts easily to wire bird cages and is constructed of sturdy plastic that resists bites and scratches.

The Thermo Perch features internal thermostats that heat to the ideal temperature for exotic birds. The warmth provided by this heated bird perch helps provide a stable, comfortable environment.

The bird Thermo Perch is designed with an irregular shape, which reduces pressure sores and foot cramps. Now your bird can stay warm and enjoy the orthopaedic benefits of this product's ingenious design

Large Size: 5cm x 37cm (2" x 14.5") 10 watts.

Uses harmless, 12-volt, low voltage electricity to heat the perch. (comes with adaptor)

The Thermo Perch is not intended to be the ONLY perch in the cage. Your bird will choose when it needs the warmth, and there should be at least one other Non - Heated perch in the cage.

1 Unit Only

NOTE: The Thermo Perch is NOT supposed to get hot - it is designed to provide a comfortable warmth for birds during cold weather.


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