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Kazoo Guinea Pig Drinking Bottle 250mL


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Kazoo Guinea Pig Drinking Bottle 250mL

Product Description

The Kazoo Guinea Pig Drinking Bottle is a convenient and hygienic way to provide your guinea pig with fresh water. Simply fill the bottle with water and replace screw cap firmly. Turn the bottle with the spout facing down and shake to ensure water is at the end of the spout. A small amount of water must drip out until a vacuum develops inside the bottle. Dripping is reduced by ensuring the bottle is full of water.

Note: A rise in temperature can cause occasional dripping as air expands insdie the bottle. 

Fitting: Place the bottle in the preferred location ensuring your pet has access to the spout. With the hooked wire provided bend it around the bottle securing the hooks to the cage on each end. 

Always check: the drinking bottle after installing by touching the spout ball to ensure water drips out. Change water daily.

Features graduated Drinking Bottle with stainless steel ball tip end.

This size is suitable for guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, small birds and other small animals.

Transparent bottle with cap Available in assorted Colour: Blue, Green, or Red.

Note: As these bottles are dispatched to us at random, colour choice cannot be guaranteed. Preference colour can be written in the "Delivery Instructions" at checkout and we will try our best to fulfill your request.


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