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MURPHYS Sprouting Mix 10kg


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Murphy’s Sprouting Mix 10kg

Murphy’s Sprouting Mix has many benefits for your feathered friends. They provide greens and micro greens as well as increasing protein in their diets. By using a sprouting mix, chemical changes occur, unlocking all the necessary health benefits of the seeds. Starch is converted to carbohydrates and sugars, fat and oil is converted to fatty acids and protein is converted to amino acids. Dry seed can be hard to digest especially for injured or young birds. Soaked seeds or sprouts help to mimic the natural raising of offspring to birds.


Grey Stripe Sunflower, Mung Beans, Dunn Peas, Safflower, Sorghum, Hulled Oats & Chickpeas.

These ingredients are seasonal meaning some beans or grains may not be present. May contain traces of other seeds and nuts. Murphy’s sprouting mix uses Australian grains only.

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