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Natural Driftwood For Aquarium Medium 30-40cmL| Enlarge

Natural Driftwood For Aquarium Medium 30-40cmL


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Natural Driftwood For Aquarium Medium 30-40cmL

Product Description

Natural Driftwood For Aquarium Medium 30-40cmL is ideal for adding to your aquarium aquascape to mimic a natural environment and provide your fish with places to hide. It is a natural and unique addition to any freshwater aquarium. Also great for attaching java moss, ferns and plants to. 

Some natural driftwood may require soaking for 1-2 weeks to become waterlogged and sink to the bottom. This will also release excess tannins which can discolour your water and lower the pH. Depending on your fish species, you may want to use the tannins to your advantage in your aquarium to achieve a softer water with a naturally lowered pH. Boiling the driftwood for 1-2 hours will achieve the same results faster.


As drift wood is natural, each piece is unique and is picked at random. The size, colour and shape cannot be guaranteed, however you can cut to the size you need. If you would like more information about the pieces available, please contact us. 

Medium Driftwood is roughly 30-40cmL x 10-20cmW x 5-10cmD


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