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OUT! Go Here Puppy Toilet Training Attractant 945ml


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OUT! Go Here Puppy Toilet Trauining Attractant 945ml

Product Description

Out! Go Here Puppy Toilet Training Attractant makes toilet training your puppy easy. The formula uses a special scent that attracts your pet to urinate in specific areas which speeds up the toilet training process. This also deters your pet from urinating in undesirable locations. Simply spray the scent on any surface and praise your pet when he performs. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Safe to use around pets and children when used as directed.

  • Uses a special scent to attract your pet to urinate
  • Speeds up the toilet training time when used daily
  • Can be sprayed on inside and outdoor surfaces 



Spray a small amount of product on where you would like your dog to urinate. Allow your pet to sniff the spot and praise him when he performs. Continue the training process by adding an additional application and bringing your pet back to the spot often, especially after eating, drinking, playing and napping. The length of time for training will depend on your individual pet and commitment to the training process. 


Purified water, blend of fatty acids and PH adjuster

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