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Penn Plax E2 Cuttlebone Natural 2 Pack


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Penn Plax E2 Cuttlebone Natural 2 Pack

Product Description

Penn Plax E2 Cuttlebone provides a natural source of calcium for egg layers including birds and invertebrates/reptiles with shells. Apart from providing a natural source of minerals and micro-trace elements, these cuttlebone are enriched with Oyster Shells, Omega 3, Honey and Vitamin B1. It also provides your bird with a hard surface to gnaw on, which should help to prevent their bill from becoming too sharp or overgrown.

Cuttlefish bone is a long-standing method of providing extra calcium to tortoises, and especially to turtles, as it floats readily in water. Despite its high gross calcium content, cuttlefish bone is relatively poorly absorbed, and as such should not be relied upon as the sole source of calcium supplementation.

2 Cuttlebone per Pack.

Flavour: Natural


Calcium Carbonate       50%
Cuttlebone Powder       40%
Oyster Shell                 8%
Omega 3                 0.05%
Honey                      0.1%
Vitamin B1               0.01%
Natural Flavour

Guaranteed Analysis:

Protein (max.)            9.8%
Fat (min.)                0.01%
Crude Fiber (max.)         1%
Moisture (max.)           10%

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