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Pisces Insect Hydration Aquaload 200g


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Pisces Insect Hydration Aquaload 200g

Pisces Insect Hydration Aquaload 200g is a solid water gel made from purified water that safely provides essential moisture to insects. Aquaload eliminates the risk of drowning and prevents the growth of mould and bacteria in your insects enclosure. Aquaload is also fortified with calcium and vitamin C to provide your insects with essential nutrients.

Suitable for a variety of insects, including: crickets, woodies, arachnids and mealworms. 

How to  use:

  1. Place one piece of Aquaload into your insect's enclosure.
  2. Replace the Aquaload every 3 days.
  3. Offer Aquaload to your insects at all times.
  4. Continue to feed as insects consume it.

Storage: Can be kept at room temperature or in the fridge.


Purified rain water 92.3%, seaweed extract, vitamin C, calcium and vegetable colouring.

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