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Poop Off Bird Poop Remover 946mL| Enlarge

Poop Off Bird Poop Remover 946mL


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Poop Off Bird Poop Remover

Cleans with ease: Bird cages, perches, walls, carpet, splattered food, regurgitated food, handfeeding formula, bug residue, clothing, bird toys, nest boxes, bird feeders, blood, floors, pottery, monuments, upholstery, car seats, boat fabrics and decking.

Removes droppings from all types of avian diets including: seed, fruit, nuts, meat, vegetables, nectar, bugs, grains, formulated diet and greens.

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Poop Off Bird Poop Remover 946mL

Product Description

This stuff really works! The natural enzymes in Poop Off work effectively to dissolve and remove bird droppings from a wide variety of surfaces.

  • Non-toxic
  • Instantly dissolves bird droppings
  • Removes even the toughest stains from cages, perches, clothing, upholstery, carpet, all washable and painted surfaces

    Works on:
    Carpets, walls, floors, hard surfaces, many fabrics and of course, bird cages, perches, toys and play areas. Removes droppings from all types of avian diets.

  • Directions:
    Spray liberally on perches, dried droppings, carpet, floors, hard surfaces, and cages. Wipe with a cloth, sponge, or brush. Repeat if necessary. Poop-Off will remove even the toughest stains from clothing, upholstery, and carpets. Check for color fastness on a small hidden spot before applying to complete area.

    Contains Water, Active Enzymes, Surfactant, and Fragrance

Used by bird lovers, breeders, Zoos, Veterinarians, bird and pet stores daily to end the tedious task of cleaning up after birds. Quality assured the only product with 100% avian safe ingredients. No solvents, no orange oil, no-toxic and biodegradable. Safe enough to use with birds inside cages or on play perches.


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