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Sera Pond Granulat Food Sticks 1.5kg / 10L| Enlarge

Sera Pond Granulat Food Sticks 1.5kg / 10L



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Sera Pond Granulat Food Sticks 1.5kg / 10L

Product Description

Granulated food for pond fish

Sera pond granulat is the ideal floating granulated food in ponds with various fish, especially for bigger ones.

The balanced composition fulfills the requirements of many species. Gentle processing makes sure the valuable ingredients (e.g. omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals) are retained. The special compositions allows feeding throughout the year.


Wheat flour, fish meal, corn starch, brewers yeast, fish oil, stinging nettle meal, lucerne meal (alfalfa), herbs, green-lipped mussel meal, sea algae meal, paprika, spinach meal, parsley, spirulina algae meal, carrots, garlic.


Vitamins and provitamins: 

Vit. A                                    3,600 IU/lb.
Vit. D3                                    450 IU/lb.
Vit. E (D-α-tocopheryl acetate)   45 IU/lb.
Vit. B1                                       5 mg/lb.
Vit. B2                                        5mg/lb.
Stabilized Vit. C (L-ascorbyl monophosphate) 45 mg/lb.

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