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Trouble & Trix Bliss Vibro Mouse Cat Toy


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Trouble & Trix Bliss Vibro Mouse Cat Toy

Trouble & Trix Bliss Vibro Mouse is a fluffy cat toy which vibrates when you pull on the tail. Vibro Mouse is a Dual Play toy, it encourages play between you and your cat. Spend time teasing your cat, satisfying its need to exercise hunting instincts while buildling a special bond. Simply pull the cord to activate and stimulate your cat's desire to capture and torment. Some cats have been known to pull the cord and play solo, but generally a dual play toy. Bliss Vibro Mouse is also infused with natural catnip which encourage the kitten in your cat.

Available in assorted colours.

Size: 9cm Long x 6cm Wide x 5cm High.

Cats love catnip. 

Catnip, a natural herb, is a member of the mint family and its mild aroma is irresistible to most cats. It produces a short term euphoric feeling which is completely harmless. It turns them into playful kittens, giving hours of healthy, happy fun. 

These toys are strong and durable but not indestructible, so supervise pet's playtime. Catnip essence can be refreshed.

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