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Value Plus Organic Calcium Powder 450g


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Value Plus Organic Calcium Powder 450g

Product Description

Organic Calcium Powder provides organic calcium for dogs to supplement diets which may be deficient in calcium. 

Calcium is essential for the normal growth and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. Calcium is also required for the normal contraction of muscles, normal heart function and the transmission of nerve impulse. However, many meat based diets are low or imbalanced in calcium. 

Organic Calcium Powder ensures that the calcium is bound to protein during manufacture, giving maximum absorption into the blood stream.

It is ideal for use during late pregnancy and lactation.

Feeding Instructions:

Your dog’s daily calcium supplementation requirement depends on the diet being fed:
Meat-only diet: 1 scoop per 4kg of bodyweight daily
Mixed diets: Give an intermediate amount: 1 scoop per 8-12kg bodyweight daily. Alternatively, give 1 scoop for every 200 grams of meat fed daily
Dry-food only diet: 1 scoop per 16kg of bodyweight daily

Active Ingredients:

Each level scoop (5g) of powder contains 480mg Calcium (as Calcium Proteinate)

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