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Arcadia PureSun Compact Bird Lamp Kit E27 20w| Enlarge
  • Arcadia PureSun Compact Bird Lamp Kit E27 20w|
  • Arcadia PureSun Compact Bird Lamp Kit E27 20w|
  • Arcadia PureSun Compact Bird Lamp Kit E27 20w|

Arcadia PureSun Compact Bird Lamp Kit E27 20w


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Arcadia PureSun Compact Bird Lamp Kit E27 20w

Arcadia PureSun Compact Bird Lamp Kit E27 20w is a high quality, compact lighting system made for small and medium sized birds. Arcadia are world leaders in full-spectrum and UV-B research and technology for birds. The PureSun Compact is a full spectrum lamp which produces natural colours and iridescence while providing optimal UVA (30%) and UVB (2.4%) levels. Arcadia's uniquely designed bolt through cage lamp holder ensures the lamp is safe and stable and is fitted with an anti-tamper two-part wire clamp. The lamp holder itself is fitted with a switch for ease of use but you can also use good quality timers to set a photoperiod. The clip-on safety grill has been designed to allow as much light through into the cage whilst also protecting the lamp.

Your bird will enjoy and benefit from the high quality full-spectrum UVB energy. UVB is important for birds as it improves feeding and breeding behaviour. Bird use the suns energy for warmth, to view the world in colour and to be able to make their own essential Vitamin D3. Having optimal levels of Vitamin D3 within the body will help to keep your pet bird in good health. Vitamin D3, made in the body after exposure to UV-B also enables a bird to assimilate, store and use essential minerals such as Calcium. 

Having access to natural D3 will not only help to protect your bird’s brain, organ and muscle function but it will also help to greatly increase bone density, improve egg quality, reduce ‘soft-shell’, improve reproduction and maintain feather condition. Birds also use Sunlight to ‘activate’ natural colour vision. The Arcadia Bird Lamp contains the correct balance of UV-A which enables this. UV-A is also important within the natural UV-B to D3 cycles where it plays an important role in the natural self-regulation of D3 production.

PureSun Compact Kit can be used over most small to medium sized wire cages and for smaller species of bird such as budgies, finches, cockatiels and other small parrots.

Kit Contains: 

  • PureSun Compact reflector hood
  • Clip on metal safety grill
  • Bolt secured cage adapter with switched lamp holder
  • Arcadia bird PureSun-Compact 20W lamp

Recommended lamp life:

The amount of light emitted from a lamp decreases with the age of the lamp, particularly in lamps which emit ultraviolet radiation, so it is important to remember to change your lamps at the end of their recommended service life, normally at 1 year.

Globe Information:

Wattage 20W
UV-B 2.4%
UV-A 30%
Fitting E27/E26
Kelvin 5800K

For a replacement globe, see here: Arcadia Pure Sun Bird Lighting UVB Globe E27 20w

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